Creating healthy habits shouldn’t be a challenge

We’ve reached the halfway point in our Fightback Challenge

Sure, you’ve probably all been involved in a challenge with a gym at some point in your lives. Challenges that focus on excessive weight loss and calorie control, pushing you to your limits to get you the results you so desperately want. You’ve seen the banners of success showcasing kilo’s lost, huge transformations, massive smiles on clients faces who have managed to reach their goals. And good on them. We’ve been there.

We choose to approach our challenges differently these days. Because too often we’ve seen kilos gained and smiles gone as our clients slip back into old habits, undoing their hard work after the motivation and accountability of the challenge fades.

Our challenges are most definitely designed to put your health and fitness habits under the microscope. There’s no doubt about that. It’s a period of time we like to use as a springboard to better, lifelong habits. Habits that are sustainable. Because isn’t the real challenge, in between challenges?

At Tribe, we believe in the power of a positive mindset. How we frame our mindset will ultimately dictate how we come out of the challenge and continue to thrive in the months and years to come. We focus on the power of connections to empower you and set you up for success. It’s about hitting the reset button and starting from scratch. And if you’re going to start from scratch, you might as well start something you’re going to be able to finish. We approach our challenges with consistency.

We’re lucky to be led by a bunch of exceptional trainers who live and breathe this stuff and as part of our Fightback Challenge, we heard from Paddy. He shared a few things on Mind Management and setting ourselves up for lifelong success;

  1. Scale your expectations to what you’re willing to commit to. Don’t expect to overturn six weeks of terrible habits in a short period of time, treat it as a catapult to thrive long term.
  2. The key to behavioural change is that it’s attractive and it’s easy. There is absolutely no point in starting something that you’re never going to stick to.
  3. Stay in your own lane. Focus on your own efforts, not of others. Create habits around your health and fitness that make you happy. It’s about the process. Don’t be a prisoner to the scale.

Check out the video of our group at the Sandhills early Saturday morning. All fitness levels, everyone with their own reasons for being there. All united as a team to support one another and make the process just as amazing as their results.