group personal training

For a refined approach

Group Personal Training is conducted in a small, personalized group. There are only 4 people in each group which ensures a tailored and focused workout for you.


Group Personal Training

Get lean. Build muscle

In these dynamic 55 minute sessions, you’ll work closely with an experienced personal trainer to help take your weight training to the next level.  With a maximum of four members per group, the weight training is focused on teaching you how to perform the correct technique in terms of lifting weights. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain or you want an intense weight training workout, Group Personal Training is your answer.

You can book the same day, same time on a weekly basis for the entire year.

This means you get to train with your 3 other mates every week which makes it is a consistent part of your exercise routine.

Group Personal Training
one-on-one PT

When Tribe members start Group Personal Training they cannot do a chin up to save themselves.

But after consistent weekly Group Personal Training sessions, many of our members achieve 5 body weight chin ups. Let’s work together to help you achieve the same!

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