Mel’s inspiring story

Basically I’d tried everything else.  I was 15 kilos overweight, I’d had two children, I’d thrown myself into motherhood.  I thought that being the best mother that I could possibly be meant that I’d put myself at the bottom of the priority list.

Once I walked in that front door at Tribe, I was met with smiling, knowledgeable trainers that were so encouraging.  But the other thing that makes Tribe so special is all the encouragement that you get from the other members.

I now consider some of the Tribers that I’ve met here to be my very best friends.

I workout in the morning.  First thing in the morning, I get those endorphins going, I get home, the children are waking up, my husband is waking up and I just set the tone for the whole day.

What I’m achieving here is for me.

This is where I’ve found myself again here within the walls of Tribe.