Sue and Shayne are loving life

This couple is super connected and supportive of one another. Meet Sue and Shayne.

When Sue retired, she found herself slowly putting on weight.  Over time, she gained 10kg.  One day, she looked in the mirror and decided she needed to commit to something to help her lose the weight.

Sue shares, ‘I started looking around and found Tribe.  When I walked in, it felt different.  Reception greeted me and showed me around.  At the time, I remember thinking how friendly it was and the environment had a positive vibe and feel about it.  I decided to start with the Trial and go from there.  3 years later, I’m still loving it.  The Trial was a great way to start as it encouraged me to come as I had someone to talk to and guide me through the exercises.  It didn’t take long before I started doing the classes, they are different, hard work, but fun’.

Shayne shares, ‘I watched Sue enjoying Tribe, she would come home buzzing saying how much better she felt.  I could see she was having fun and mentioned I’d like to go with her.  I remember Sue was shocked with me asking to join her but also excited for me to be part of the energy too.  Sue bought a Christmas Voucher for the Trial.  I really enjoyed the trial which included Personal Training, access to all the classes, Reformer and the Inbody scans.

I’ve always been relatively active. I’d regularly do push ups, band work and sit ups at home.  On reflection, without having an instructor and someone highly educated with exercise prescription, I wasn’t progressing that much.  I remember chatting with my mates saying I wanted better strength as I age and really wanted to avoid the ‘old man shuffle’, meaning I didn’t want to walk like an old man.  What really attracted me to Tribe was the ‘social’ part of Tribe.  It’s more than a great place to exercise, people actually genuinely talk to each other and the trainers all know you by name.  Since the trial, I’ve continued my Personal Training and I love it.  I’m 6 kilos lighter and I enjoy how it makes me feel, I’m more flexible and my general well-being is better.

Sue says, ‘I’m pleased Shayne has joined Tribe.  Together we are looking forward to being fit and healthy to enjoy travelling in our 60s and 70s.  Life is great, we are enjoying every day with walks and golf and I’m absolutely thrilled with our willingness to go out and do things’.