Lisa’s 5 kilo Journey

Lisa has always lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Here she shares her journey at Tribe.

“I was a member of a very large gym some years ago and left thereafter not really enjoying it. Then I joined a 24-hour gym about 3 years ago and I wasn’t a fan either. The floor space was so small that I had no room to exercise.  It was very hot in the confined area in the summer and I usually only used the treadmill and stationary bike because the other equipment was usually always being used.

My daughter Freya has been a member of Tribe for a couple of years and she convinced me to come along to Tribe’s Open Day. I needed to find another form of exercise because I kept getting injuries from running. I really hated the thought of going to another gym. My husband Peter came along to the Open Day too and after meeting the staff and checking out Tribe, we both signed up for the Trial. After testing out the Personal Training sessions, the variety of classes, the Inbody scans and Reformer Pilates, we were hooked.

There is so much to love about Tribe. I love the way all the staff are at the front desk to greet us with a smile every morning at 5am. Jaymes, my Personal Trainer plays an essential role in my fitness training and he ensures I am performing all the exercises correctly to maximise results. The Tribe app which we use to book the classes is fantastic because I am expected to show up, I can’t hit the snooze button and stay in bed…. but why would I snooze when the 5am classes are so much fun and such an effective workout.

I’m feeling so much fitter and healthier than I was before I joined Tribe. I’ve dropped 5kg and my Body Fat has significantly reduced.  I used to stay up late because I couldn’t sleep, but now my head hits the pillow at 9.30pm and I’m out like a light. Hearing my daughter leaving for the gym at 4.30am seemed crazy 3 months ago, but now I am up with her and my husband Pete six days a week and loving it.

If you are thinking of starting your health and fitness journey, don’t hold off any longer.  The Tribe staff are a great bunch of people who really know what they are doing. Doing a few sessions a week with them will have you building up your overall strength and boosting your energy in no time.

I have Type 1 Diabetes. Exercise and good nutrition have always been important in keeping me well. Since joining Tribe and doing the classes and Personal Training sessions my blood glucose (blood sugar) has really improved and after exercise, my body doesn’t need as much insulin to process carbohydrates which is a huge benefit. Having regular Inbody scans at Tribe and measuring my body composition, i.e. body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat and other useful health measurements has also given me a comprehensive way of tracking my progress and it keeps me on the right course.


If you’d like to start your journey at Tribe Social Fitness, join our 3 Week Trial for $97.

You get:

  • 1hr Personal Training Session
  • 1 Small Group Consultation
  • 2 x Group Personal Training Sessions (max 4 per group)
  • Full access to Tribe classes
  • 1 x Inbody scan


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