Sash’s 20 kilo journey!

Sash’s journey has been incredible.  Here she shares her 20 kilo journey.

I was born in Queensland and was very sporty growing up.  I lived and breathed water polo and in 2004, moved to Sydney to try and make the Olympic Squad .  With all my training and games, I suffered a lot of injuries and required two shoulder reconstructions, which unfortunately, I simply couldn’t recover to full potential which eventually forced me to retire.

I started teaching in Sydney and joined a gym (not Tribe.  Keep reading and you’ll know it doesn’t sound anything like our Tribe).  For 18 months, I went to the same classes every week.  In one of the classes I twisted my ankle and took 2 weeks off.  When I returned, the trainer who had led the class for the 18 months I’d been a member there, came up and asked ‘are you new here’.  That was it for me.  Straight after the class I cancelled my membership there.

Over a period of time, I gained 25 kilos.  Teaching wasn’t exciting me, so I decided to change career paths and trained up to join an Emergency Service. In 2017, I suffered an injury and required a third shoulder reconstruction.  Upon returning to work, the Work Place Injury Management Manager politely advised me that I needed to lose around 25kgs.

This was my turning point.  I was unhappy with where I was and decided it was time to do something about it.  I drove past Tribe daily and saw lots of people recommend Tribe on Social Media.  I walked everywhere during my injury and lost 10 kilos, then I decided to give Tribe a go.

To be honest, I nervously came into Tribe for a tour. But, I was introduced to some trainers and everyone was friendly.  Due to my shoulder reconstructions, I couldn’t move my arm above shoulder height, but this wasn’t a problem for Kosti. He tailored a program to suit my limitations.  I train 2 days a week with Kosti and I ABSOLUTELY love it.  I’ve lost another 10 kilos (yep, that’s 20 in total!).  I have more energy and I look at life differently now.  I’m far more positive and I’m actually really enjoying life again.  I feel healthier, stronger and day to day life (like walking the stairs and work duties) are far easier now.

I took part in the Tribe Run School last year.  I never thought I could run 10klm, but I did.  The best thing about Tribe Run School was the new friendships I made.  I’ve met so many new friends and now we do classes together too.  And, we catch up outside of Tribe for breakfasts, long lunches and just for a chat.

What I love about Tribe is how friendly the trainers and members are.  In the classes, the trainers are always watching your form and come and correct your technique if you need it.  At Tribe, everyone cares about your fitness journey and is encouraging and supportive.  It’s a really positive environment.  It doesn’t matter what kind of day you’ve had, you always walk out feeling great.

Sash, we love having you at Tribe.  And love the friendship you formed with so many members at Tribe.