3 dress sizes down and loving life

Eloise has always been active.  She trained at other gyms but found she wasn’t getting results.  Since joining Tribe, she is 17kgs lighter and loving life.  Here she shares her journey.

‘I absolutely love Tribe and can’t recommend them highly enough.  My personal trainer Kosti is an outstanding trainer and friend and has been a massive influence on my life.  My motivation to train has totally changed, my food has improved dramatically (and I love it), but most of all, my lifestyle has completely changed for the better.

The thing about Tribe is that it has a personal approach. I train with Kosti, but all the trainers know me by name and they all acknowledge and say hello to me.  I previously exercised because I felt I ‘had to’, but now, I want to.  I want to get to a 5am class, I honestly really love going.  The variety at Tribe is outstanding.  I mix up my training with circuit classes such as power circuit, reformer pilates, TRX, spin and outdoors.  It’s fantastic.

One of the biggest changes I’ve made is with my food choices.  Before joining Tribe, I ate whatever I wanted and made poor snack choices.  Since having my Inbody scan to understand my body fat and muscle mass, a meal plan was created and tailored for me. My portion sizes are now spot on and I’m making much healthier choices. I ate chocolate everyday, but when I started training with Kosti, I made a bet to see how long I could resist eating it…. I achieved 10 months and treated myself after my wedding. 

As a result of joining Tribe, I have so much more energy and being 17kgs lighter, I feel so much happier.  I now love setting health and fitness goals and achieving them, I also love how motivated and excited Kosti is when I hit my goals too.  I’m 3 dress sizes down (Boom!), what isn’t to love about that?

Tribe is such a great place. Everyone (trainers and members) are so positive, encouraging and supportive. Tribe has been such a positive influence on my life, which has really changed my outlook’.