Dave’s journey to better health

Growing up I was very shy and quiet.  I was the smallest and possibly the skinniest kid in primary school and after playing footy once at school and being picked on, I stopped.

Lucky, in years 8, 9 and 10 I grew.  Because I was shy, I only had a few friends and with my tanned skin, I always felt different and was often made to feel this way.

A few years ago, I made a move to a rural area.  Yep, I followed love, but unfortunately this didn’t work out and I turned to alcohol and poor food choices.  I drank as I thought it would numb the pain and I’d sleep better.  This was a dark and crazy time for me.  I was going to the pub every couple of nights and hanging out with the wrong crowd.  I was suffering a lot of pain (which I didn’t realise at first) and unfortunately put a few of my family members off side.  I simply didn’t realise I was offending them.  I’d hit rock bottom.

In 2014, dad shouted me a holiday to Brazil.  I decided to find a second job and to get a personal trainer.  I didn’t drink and I didn’t eat pizza (typical ‘go to food’ for a single guy, haha!).  I was on a mission as I was going to visit family and I wanted to have a great time and that I certainly did!

As a tradie, I’m active daily.  My sister Jenni was the one who encouraged me to come to Tribe.  I started on a Challenge and it was awesome.  The challenges at Tribe are excellent, it’s a great way to focus on your training and your nutrition.  At first I struggled to keep up.  I was at the back of the ‘slower’ group and found it physically challenging.  But, week by week I progressed.  I kept turning up, putting in the effort and week by week I got better.

There’s so much that I like about Tribe.  Personally, it’s great for mental health.  When I’m at Tribe, I’m working my hardest, I don’t think about anything else except for being my best at the class I’m in.  Every class is challenging, everyone is pushing themselves and pushing each other to do their best.  All the trainers and the members are really friendly.  And the trainers are knowledgeable and are happy to chat with you.

The biggest changes since joining Tribe are;

  • I’m a far happier person
  • I have time to focus on me
  • I’m motivated to meet more people, this is a big step for me given I’ve always been shy
  • I’ve met a some really great friends
  • My fitness has improved
  • I no longer require anti-depressant medication to feel happy
  • I’m more confident
  • I love encouraging others
  • All my back pain has gone.  I was on pain killers daily so I could work, this hasn’t been the case since being at Tribe
  • I sleep better, I have more energy and am far less stressed
  • And, the biggest one.  My life is back on track!

Dave, we are super proud of you.  It’s been outstanding to watch your growth here at Tribe and in all your fitness events.  We’ve loved watching you hit new PB’s in your running events and in your obstacle challenges.  And we can’t wait for you to join us in our Tribe Bali Retreat.  You continue to inspire the Tribe.  Well done!