Managing your headspace in uncertain times

I think when you join a gym you expect the usual outcome – motivation to eat better, to exercise more, to perhaps lose some weight or achieve a fitness goal.

But Tribe really is so very different from the norm. Just like 2020 is.

6 months ago, we were flying high, kicking off our Summer Challenge. We could never have expected our everyday lives to have been so heavily impacted. To be now living through this experience of COVID 19, and all that has come with it.

I’d like to think that all this has shown us the aspects of our lives that are really important. It has definitely highlighted to me what I need to prioritize to make sure I’m the best I can be to navigate through this time with my husband, my kids, my parents. It’s now so much more than maintaining physical fitness – it’s managing the headspace too.

We are now playing a whole new game in a world of information overload, an outlet has become incredibly important.

And this is where the value of Tribe in my day has truly shone.

The minute Tribe opens at 5am, every single day, it becomes my place of positivity, of support, of friendships, and community. The social distancing hasn’t changed that!



Every trainer has a smile and a high five – well, an elbow tap, when that door opens. Pretty much all you need to give you that starting boost to the day. Don’t underestimate the little things, they matter now more than ever. And Tribe does them so very well.

I train with like-minded people – the place is full of them. We all have really different lives, but in the walls of Tribe, everyone is on the same page. There to get our classes or sessions done, but also there with a friendly hello, a meaningful “how are you?’, a bit of banter, words of encouragement.

That is what is so different about this gym – the genuine vibe, the genuine care that both the members and trainers have for each other. Lifelong, cherished friendships have been made in those orange walls.

Of course, fitness, nutrition, and goals are always going to be an important part of my membership. But at the moment, it’s the smiles, the mates, the sense of normality and routine, that really is what I need. That’s what gives me the biggest shot in the arm each day.

I absolutely love having this consistently at Tribe. No matter what else is happening out there in that big world – that part of my day stays the same. And I’d be lost without it.

To all my fellow Tribers, I’m sure you echo my sentiments – an elbow tap to you for continuing to nurture yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. We all benefit enormously from the endorphins we get stepping in the 4 walls of Tribe.

If you’re not a Tribe member, I can’t recommend you get on board highly enough. Don’t wait another day, get in touch with Tribe, it will be the best decision you can make.  Do it for yourself.