Thank you Mark

Tonight, we want to say a few words to express our gratitude to our leader, Mark.

We know Mark will be extremely embarrassed by this post, he’s the most humble guy you will ever meet.

But the way his determination, resolve, and leadership has got us through this surreal period has been phenomenal and we really wanted to express our thanks to you.

It’s been an interesting few months (understatement much?).

We all know that Gyms were temporarily forced to close, this was made very public. What we didn’t see was the journey of an incredibly inspiring human to make sure these doors could reopen.

Mark often jokes about loving the tough times, about it being when you have the chance to really show your true character.

It’s said that ‘it’s during the worst storms, you see the true colours of the people who say they care for you’. Compassion, integrity and sincerity are the true colours we witnessed from Mark. His genuine care for our team and our members has actually brought tears to our eyes.

Some days were tough, bloody tough, we knew it had to be. Mark is always transparent with the team, we knew everything that was going on. But when you’re a leader and have the passion like Mark, there’s only one thing you can do. Rise.

On the day we were forced to close, we had a team meeting. Mark was genuinely shattered. This was just the beginning. Mark was forced to make tough decisions that day to temporarily release some staff. We are a family and we know how much it broke you to make those decisions. He sat us down as a team and was very direct. We remember Mark’s words to our team ‘For those of you who I’ve temporarily let go today, it’s not because you aren’t exceptional personal trainers or outstanding humans, you are. For those of you staying, you’re not here on a holiday, it’s your job and your responsibility to grind through this so we can welcome these guys back onto the team’. These words set the precedent for the next 14 weeks.

Mark was on. We mean on. 24/7. When you’re receiving emails at 1am, 2am and even 3am, we just knew Tribe was going to survive COVID, and that Tribe 2.0 was going to be something special for our members to come home too.

Mark insisted every member was to be contacted by phone. Yes, every single member. No one was to be forgotten, and nobody was. He genuinely cares about the welfare of our members.

He never let the small things slide. During our temporary shut-down, Mark continued to pay gratitude daily. From texting or calling staff and members to thank them for their support, to continuing to give member anniversary gifts, he made it all happen. One day, he drove to a trainers house (as they were personal training a member) to present the member with their anniversary gift.

The law of attraction states that “like attracts like, so it probably doesn’t surprise you to hear we witnessed amazing acts of kindness between staff and our members too.

When things are not going your way, times are tough and you’re coping beat after beat, it’s understandable to throw your hands up and admit defeat. Not Mark Capelin. Never.

As the weeks of lockdown passed by, Mark continued to lead the way for our team. He maintained his daily routine. He continued to set his alarm as per normal, to train daily (even when he didn’t feel like it – yes, Benny Ross has footage of this), to meal prep so he ate well and he worked from Tribe. Every. Single. Day!

With restrictions easing and our doors reopen, we are buzzing!

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you Mark. Thank you for making those incredibly tough decisions (yes, the ones that tore your heart out), for genuinely caring for each and every team member & Triber. And importantly, for doing everything you needed to do to ensure we had the Tribe we know and love (but even better) to return to.

You’re the Best. Boss. Ever!