Remember how great it feels to be part of a team?

Jumping out of bed on a Saturday morning to go and play a sport you absolutely lived for. With friends you made that you need not see everyday but who were all there to encourage you and share in the glory of those spectacular wins.

We do. But hey, fast forward twenty years and sure we still appreciate the value of team sport, just now it’s for the kids. We sign them up for soccer, dancing, netball, oztag – anything to give them a taste of how great being part of a team is.

That’s what our Tribe challenges are all about. Teamwork, comradery, friendships. Of course, it’s a fat loss challenge designed to get you feeling amazing for summer (which might we add, is going to be here before we know it) but more than that they are cleverly designed to connect really awesome humans. Because it’s in those connections where the real magic happens.

Magic demonstrated in friendships littered throughout Tribe as a result of past challenges. Members taking other members shopping to show them what a healthy trolley really looks like. Or inviting newbies to join them in upcoming classes to overcome first day jitters. It’s in the continued coffee catch-ups and occasional weekend splurges that we see constantly in our community and what solidifies to us the importance of our team challenges.

It’s never really been about weight loss for us here at Tribe. I mean, sure it kinda is and don’t get me wrong we all wake up each day with a burning desire to strip the fat off our members but we see weight loss as an outcome to the exceptional habits and behaviours we instil in our people.

To bring them in as part of our community, to encourage friendships that promote accountability. To feel like part of a team once again and to break down those feelings of inadequacy which in turn keeps you coming back and working hard to reach your goals. Because we know, when you are accountable to others, not just yourself – success shines through.

Tomorrow we kick off our ‘Challenge’ and although you’ve missed the boat on this one, we want you to be ready for our next one (or we can even help you get started on your health and fitness journey right now).

Here a few things you need to know about what makes our challenges great.

  • It’s all about connections within the Tribe. It’s where the magic happens. We have created smaller teams to encourage you to get to know everyone in your team.
  • Accountability is key. Each team is led by a trainer who will hold you accountable. Regular text messages, training sessions, check ins are all designed to enable you to get to where you want to be. They actually get a real kick out of it!
  • We focus on the long term. Results are a given with our Nutrition program. But more importantly, it is sustainable. Our motto here is ‘Start as though you can continue’. We strongly believe this.
  • Variety keeps it interesting. Try it all until you find what you love. From Spin, boxing and circuit training to sandhills, run & walk groups, and of course, weight training. We love our weight training.

Our challenges work – they see regular people reach their goals. In just under 90 seconds we had 300 members sign up to join us in our challenge. Previous challenges have seen a 98% completion rate, no dropping out half way – no losing your way and not finishing what you started. Just amazing results driven by the power of being part of a team.

We’ll be sharing stories throughout this challenge to give you a further taste of just how great they are. Hear it from our people and if it sounds like something you’d love to be a part of, please click this link and get in touch today. We’d love to have you on our next team challenge.