Best Fitness Business in the Shire…..Thank you!

As many of you know, last week Tribe was honoured to win Best Fitness Business in the Sutherland Shire at the Local Business Awards.

I am so proud of this achievement, and of our team. They thoroughly deserve this recognition.

And so does the very special community which we have built amongst our members.

This is what has been reflected in winning this award.

Our Team at Tribe are A-Grade humans. They have integrity, passion and a huge care factor. And I have so much respect and admiration for each and every one of them.

Our team fuel and manage our high standards. It comes from me, yes, but it is upheld by them. Our guys are high performers. They strive. Mediocrity is not how they roll.

I don’t like to single people out, but you know me, I can’t help myself.

Paddy. He embodies what our Team are all about. He is our spiritual leader.

In 2018, Paddy ran the 10km Mudgee fun run along-side Kelly Derwent. We all saw the last 100 metres of this run. Everyone cheering, Kelly emotional. It was beautiful.

It’s what we didn’t see that inspires me. 10 weeks of Training leading up to this run. Kelly couldn’t run 500m without stopping when she started.

10 weeks of Paddy’s training support, encouragement and belief, and the rest is history.

Our team rally to support and push each other to higher levels physically and mentally.

This comradery is demonstrated each fortnight when we train together in our team session. We have a high standard with this. No one misses this session. Ever. (And we all bring a towel – slight personal joke there!).

The way our Team approach this Training is a metaphor for Tribe. Consistent. Together. Support. No ego. Get the job done and make sure your mate gets the job done too.

Our sessions start with a Team huddle. I generally like to say a few words – aiming to engage, inspire and set the tone.

I usually have something prepared to say, and despite much preparation and rehearsal, sometimes I don’t hit the mark.

Sometimes, not all the time, Paddy will add a few words. Off the cuff and always from the heart. Always inspiring. There’s our spiritual Leader.

If one of us is not a 10/10 we don’t have to look far for someone to pick us up. Generally, Kosti is leading from the front!

He rarely has an off day with his Training. I can always rely on Kosti for an energy injection. I love the kid – there he is smiling like a kid on Christmas Day. He’s like it every morning at 5am when we open the doors too!

I try not to squat anywhere near Dani, Mel or Kel – I do not need the reminder that there are 3 girls who all stronger than me!

We have some talkers and some doers amongst us. The talkers still get it done of course, but they are in tune with everyone else and constantly checking on how they are going. I’m a talker. I like to talk. Amy’s a talker too. She is forever encouraging others, giving much of herself.

Tom is not a talker. No. But he grinds. He leads with no words. All action.

His fellow grinders are Dan, Ty and Ange. There they are, day in and day out, head down, grinding it out. Getting it done.

Then we have the mental component. Jaymes Gleeson. This guy reads. And reads. And reads. He inspires all of us with the depth of his knowledge and left of centre thinking. Alana is the sponge. They are forever talking science-based nutrition concepts.

And of course, then we have Peter Heath. Forever researching. He loves all things fat loss and muscle gain. His passion is contagious.

And Ben isn’t far behind in this department, he’s got the looks too apparently.

Any great team always has a young gun coming off the bench. Rookies need to earn their praise, but we have a young gun coming through the ranks. Keep an eye out for Brodee.

Having our team recognised in the Business Awards win was huge to me. They really deserve it, but the other magic factor at Tribe, is our community. This is something I am especially proud of.

We have always wanted to be more than a gym. I have always wanted our members to feel comfortable. Gyms can be intimidating. Not Tribe.

A recent post from one of our members sums up the compassion, empathy and support embodied in our members.

We have a closed social media group for our members. It’s a platform for us to share upcoming events, general updates and a place for members to connect. Last week we had a post from a member that was particularly special.

‘’Hi friends. I am writing this in hope of help. Please no judgement. I have been struggling with my mental health for a few weeks. I know going to the gym will help me so much, but every day I cancel. What can I do to get myself back there?’’

The fact that this person felt safe enough to post this message says a lot about her courage, and a lot about our community. I had an immediate feeling of pride.

But the response actually blew me away. 106 comments. 106 members, Tribe friends, showing an outpouring of respect, understanding and gentle motivation to lift her up. The result: she came in the very next day, and the following day. It’s those first steps that can often be the hardest.

Our front desk is our first chance to welcome our members. I always think to myself ‘I need our front desk staff to be filled with warmth and smiles so my mum would feel comfortable in their presence.’

We are lucky to have Jacqui and Mel on the front desk when people walk in for the first time. These girls have it covered. They are excellent at making people feel welcome and comfortable, and they mean every word they say. That’s imperative to us.

All that we offer at Tribe is thoughtfully wrapped with a huge care factor from Ange. This remarkable woman is a gift to Tribe. Her commitment and thoughtfulness is extraordinary. She is forever thinking about the member. How can we make this experience better? How will this help them? Are they ok? Can we do more?

So, when our name was called last Wednesday night as the best Fitness Business in the Shire, I was just wrapped.

I was wrapped for our team, they deserve this. Tribe is a big part of my life and the Team are the biggest part of Tribe.

I was wrapped for ‘Our Tribe”. The community brings so much to our membership. And I am so proud of what we have built.

Well done guys!