Josh’s 20 kilo journey

Meet Josh. He is a superstar and we love having him at Tribe.  Here he shares his 20 kilo journey.

As a child I was active. I enjoyed tennis, bike riding and swimming and was always outside on my roller-skates with Mum yelling at me to come inside after sunset.

I’m Italian and in high-school I discovered Nonna’s cooking (yep, she can cook!). Over time I started to get bigger in size and slowly started to dislike playing sport and being active.

At the end of high-school, I decided it was time to do something about my size (I actually got so big, I couldn’t buy nice clothes that I liked). Rather than schoolies, I opted for weight loss surgery. I had a balloon inserted into my stomach and lost 25kgs. Whilst I liked the weight loss, I found myself vomiting all the time from over eating. I got to a point where I didn’t eat, as I hated vomiting. After 6 months, I had the balloon removed and within a matter of months, I’d put the weight back on. The thing is, the surgery didn’t train or educate my mind around healthy eating habits.

I joined Tribe on a 40-Day Focus and lost 15kg in the 40 Days with the help of my personal trainer. I only did personal training; I didn’t get involved in the classes (crazy I know). Whilst my personal trainer was constantly encouraging me to give them a go, I was just too shy. Well put it this way, I organised my personal training sessions to be in the middle of the day where it’s less busy, so that probably tells you a little bit about where my confidence was at.

Last October I had a health scare. This really terrified me and was my trigger for thinking about my health and fitness differently. I didn’t talk a lot to other members at Tribe. I’d try and get in and out without too much fuss.
Now, I’ve embraced the community at Tribe and it’s made a huge difference. I love spin and the circuit classes – power circuit and sixes. And, I still love my personal training and enjoy two Group Personal Training sessions weekly too. I used to be at the back of the classes (trying to hide), but now, I’m happy to be front and centre and having fun with the Tribe. I’ve met heaps of Tribers and made lots of friends. Together we organise classes for the week, we use the app to invite one another to classes and we even catch up outside of Tribe. This really helps keep you accountable and it’s great to be surrounded by healthy and happy people.

No one can be at their best 52 weeks of the year (chocolate is my downfall) and that’s what I love about Tribe. Tribe has lots of different events you can get involved in to help inspire and keep you on track for most of the year. From challenges to Tribe Run School, you can opt into lots of different things.

The best way to describe Tribe is it’s a tight knit community. All the trainers and members know your name and it’s a positive and supportive environment.

I absolutely adore Mel (my personal trainer) she is the greatest! I used to be scared of her, but I’ve seen amazing growth in Mel as a trainer too. She is raw. What you see is what you get with Mel. She is persistent with me (I know I’m not the easiest person to train), but over time (as she’s grown as a human), she’s opened up and this has allowed us to connect and build a really solid relationship.

Josh, we love having you at Tribe. It’s been awesome to see your growth here at Tribe with getting involved in classes and making heaps of friends. We look forward to following your journey and being a part of this.