Bree’s 15 kilo journey

My journey at Tribe has been fantastic.  It all came about as one of my girlfriends (Kelly) and I decided it was time to get fit.  I have 2 kids, Josh (23) and Madi (18).  Now that they are older, I decided it was time to do something for myself.  As mums we give so much to our children, that we sometimes forget to give back to ourselves.

A few of my friends from the North Cronulla Surf Club come to Tribe and they are always saying how great it is.  I emailed Tribe, came in for a tour and signed up for the trial.  I remember thinking, I’ll just do the trial and then see what happens.  The trial is a great way to experience everything Tribe has to offer with Personal Training, Group Personal Training, Reformer, full access to all the classes and two Inbody Scans (tells you key health indicators like how much body fat you have, how much muscle you have on your body and how much visceral fat you have – that’s the bad fat around your vital organs).

After the trial, it was a no brainer that I was staying at Tribe.  At first I thought I’d just join on a membership which gives you full access to all classes, but after seeing results in the Trial, I decided to keep my personal training with Alana.

In 4 months, I lost 10 kilos!  And now, I’ve lost 15kgs!

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is shopping for clothes. I really hated buying size 18 clothes.  Now, I go to shops and seriously start at size 16 and end up in size 12s!  It’s a big adjustment…..and recently, I even brought a pair of size 10 work pants.  I felt like I’d won the lotto…hahahaha and the extra energy I have is incredible.   I’m amazed at how much my confidence has grown too.  I’m genuinely feeling like a much happier person.

I love my Personal Training sessions with Alana.  As a parent, you always put your kids first, which means, sometimes you don’t spend money on yourself.  But I’ve learned, I really need to look after myself (If I’m happy, my whole family is happier). So, personal training is worth every cent. Alana has encouraged me to do things I never thought I could do and I know if I’m ever struggling with anything, she is always there to guide me through it.   Alana is more than my Personal Trainer, she is now a friend and it makes my journey so much easier.

I love all the classes at Tribe.  There’s so much variety.  I do Spin, Power Circuit, TRX, Sixes, Lift (a weights class) and Rip-In (a new class that has a combination of boxing and cardio). And, everyone is very friendly.  The trainers all know your name and make you feel really comfortable.  You don’t have to be the fittest in the room, no-one judges – everyone is there to do their best workout at their best pace.  When I first started, I couldn’t run on the skill mills (similar to a treadmill), but now I’m slowly running.  It’s really encouraging to see my improvements.  I’ve set up my routine now and I love doing the same class times each week as I’ve become friends with all the other members in the class.  Everyone is supportive and encouraging.

My niece, Emily is also a member at Tribe (it’s great to be able to work out beside her) and since joining Tribe, my friend Kelly’s daughter has also started.  And, my daughter will be coming here soon too!  Tribe have an app that you use to book yourself into classes (this is great as you don’t have to arrive 45min before the class to try and get a spot, you know you’re guaranteed your booked spot) and you can invite your Tribe friends to classes too.  We are always inviting one another, it’s a great idea.

Since joining Tribe, I’ve shocked myself in so many ways.

  1. I didn’t think I’d be able to do the exercises and I can.
  2. I’d never get up early to exercise.  Now, I’m getting up daily to get to a 6am class.  And, I love it.
  3. My eating is so much better now.  I’m eating far more fresh food and I haven’t had any soft drink since starting at Tribe

As a result, I’ve got more energy, sleeping much better and I’m feeling really good.  Not only am I noticing the weight loss, but my son has noticed it too!

If I could give one piece of advice to someone who was wanting to start their journey at Tribe, I’d say ‘just do it.  It’s actually fun.  Don’t wait another minute, my life has changed so much from joining Tribe. I feel Tribe is now part of my family with all the trainers and members being so supportive and friendly.

Bree, we are so glad you walked through the doors at Tribe and love seeing you improve every week.  Well done!