Donna’s outstanding 35kg journey

Donna’s had a phenomenal 35kg journey at Tribe.  Yep, she has lost an outstanding 35 kilos.  Here she shares her story.

Growing up I was always active, loving little athletics and netball.  I originally joined Tribe in 2013. In 2014 I left Tribe for 6 months to pay membership at another gym that I literally used 3 times (yep, that was a great deal).

In 2013-2015 my world was tipped upside down.  I get really emotional sharing this, but I had 3 powerful men in my life – my dad, my pop and my step dad.  In 2013-2015, I lost all three.  My world was totally shattered.  My dad was my world.  He was my rock.  As you get older you hear people say their parents are perfect.  Well my dad, he was honestly perfect.   By 2015, I’d hit rock bottom with my health and fitness (see my before pic) and I new I had to do something.

In 2015 I returned to Tribe and it’s honestly been a savior for me.  I walked through the doors, signed up and got myself a personal trainer.  It’s hard to find words to describe my trainer Paddy.  Sometimes I joke around and say he’s grumpy (and I tell him this), but he has been phenomenal with helping me get to where I am today.  I have so much respect for Paddy, he is an inspiration.  He keeps me level headed and helps me believe in myself with a ‘can do attitude’.  There are times when I slip up (no-one is perfect), but Paddy supports me and we move forward.  He has this saying ‘we can’t change what’s behind us, only what’s in front of us’.  This has bought so much strength and clarity to my life.

I have met so many great friends at Tribe.  The Ogle sisters are amazing and my friends Megan and Kath are the best.  The trainers and all the members at Tribe are incredibly supportive.  To be surrounded by positive people who believe in me is life changing.  The best way for me to describe Tribe is it’s like Cheers, you know, it’s a place ‘where everybody knows your name’.



In 2017 I joined in on the Tribe Run School and headed to Mudgee.  I have my friend Megan to thank for this.  I haven’t run since my teens and Megan saw me at Tribe and said ‘we are going to do Tribe Run School and we are off to Mudgee’.  I laughed at her and said ‘I can’t even run to the service station (200mtre away), how do you think I’m going to run 10km in Mudgee?  Anyway, we joined up.  It was honestly the best thing I’ve been a part of with Tribe.  It built on relationships and friendships and was a fantastic experience.

I recently took part in the 6 Week Challenge at Tribe and lost 10.2 kilos.  I’m quite competitive by nature and I went into this Challenge believing I could win it.  But you know what, I’m already a winner.  10.2kg down in the Challenge (and 35 kilos overall), I’m winning!  I stuck to the meal plan that was given as part of the Challenge.  I haven’t strayed once.  I’ve even had social functions like a day at the races and an engagement party, but mineral water has become my new best friend.

My next goals.  I’d like to lose another 11 kilos and wait for it……from a non-runner, in 2018, I’m joining the Tribe to run a half marathon in Mudgee.

My attitude and my outlook as changed so much since coming to Tribe.  A Facebook memory popped up the other day (and this just shows how far I’ve come), I’d written how good I felt after my workout as I didn’t have to come back for 2 days (I didn’t write that I’d loved the workout or was feeling great etc).  This has totally changed now.  I love coming to Tribe.  I love exercising and I love how good I’m feeling.  I also want to thank my husband because without his support, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this.

Donna, you are an inspiration.  A true example of if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.  Well done, we are so proud of you.