Chloe’s 18kg journey

Chloe is the loving mother of 2 children, Heather (29) and Phillip (26) and in 2018 will celebrate her 32rd wedding anniversary (that’s a clap).  Here she shares her journey at Tribe.

“I’d always maintained my weight throughout my pregnancies and felt pretty good.  Not fit, but I felt good.

Two years ago I got sick and was told by my doctor at the time to stop exercising.  During this time, weight slowly crept on and I increased from 51kg to 71kgs (yep, I put on 20kgs).  As you can imagine, I felt miserable. I was bloated all the time and felt pretty unhappy with myself.  My confidence took a battering and I was really uncomfortable.

I decided to change doctors and he sent me for allergy testing.  It turns out, I’m allergic to about 40 different foods.  This doctor suggested I eliminate these foods from my diet and join a gym.

My son Phillip was a big influencer in me joining Tribe.  I drive past Tribe daily and have a friend who often talked about how good Tribe was when we worked together.  I rang Steve and asked if he was still at Tribe and he highly recommended I join.  So I phoned Tribe and spoke with Jac at Reception.  After a tour, I started on the 4 week trial.  This was a great way to start as it includes Personal Training, 2 small group classes, full access to all large classes, 2 Inbody scans and meal plans.

Since joining Tribe I’ve lost 18.2 kilo’s.  I’ve toned up and become stronger since working with my trainer Kelly. I do three PT sessions with Kelly a week and enjoy doing spin and Reformer Pilates.

My trainer Kelly has been amazing.  She has been a wonderful mentor and motivator for me.  She knows my strengths and weaknesses and has worked around all my allergies with my meal plan.  I can’t eat red meat as I suffer gout.  I’m also gluten free and dairy free, but she has worked around all this to tailor a meal plan that’s working for me.

I feel so much better since coming to Tribe and I’ve not been sick since.  I have so much more energy, I want to go out and I’m not embarrassed to get dressed anymore.  And the best part, I’ve had to buy a whole new wardrobe!  Everyday my body shape is changing.  I don’t need to hop on the scales anymore, I feel great in my clothes and I’m feeling stronger and fitter.

If I could share one piece of advice to someone who is considering the start of their journey, it would be.  Just jump in and get started.  Pick up the phone and make an appointment to come in.  Everyone is so friendly at Tribe.  All the trainers know your name and everyone makes you feel welcome. It’s my first time on my own at a gym and if I can do it, you can to.

Chloe, we are so pleased you joined us at Tribe.  We love having you here and we are loving watching your transformation.  Well done!