Deana’s journey has been incredible

Here she shares how Tribe has changed her life.

Deana had convinced herself with the old ‘oh, I’ve had three kids’ excuse as to why she would never be back at her pre-baby weight. Until she received a wake up call in the form of a serious illness followed by a stroke – at the age of 36!

So, when the doctors told her that she’d probably never be able to walk unassisted again and that she’d be on awful medication for the rest of her life, it was time to take control. Then she walked into Tribe and met her incredible trainer who showed her around and made her feel welcome.

Her body and mind went from strength to strength and the weight fell off her. Within 12 months, she was 20 kilos lighter and completely medication free.

Deana shares, what I love the most about my personal trainer is the accountability. Having to face my trainer each week ensured I stayed on track. I could never EVER have achieved these results without my Tribe Trainer. There is no better feeling than being fit and healthy. Why would I ever go back?

Deana says, ‘I can’t thank the Tribe Team enough. They are always here with welcoming smiles and infectious energy. They believed in me well before I started believing in myself! They are truly inspirational’.