David’s 12kg journey saved his life

David’s 12 kilo journey has been outstanding.  Here he shares how he came to join Tribe and how it has changed his life.

I hadn’t really exercised consistently since playing rugby league in my younger days.  My mate Jason and I decided to give Tribe a go and started with the 4 week trial.  The trial is a great way to experience everything that Tribe has to offer as you get personal training, 2 small group classes (either Group Personal Training or Reformer Pilates), full access to all classes, 2 Inbody scans so you know how your body has reacted to your training and meal plans.

At first, I remember thinking I’ll come to Tribe for personal training, but I’m not going to do any classes.  My personal trainer is Amy and she is fantastic.  Yes she is younger, but she is the most motivating human I’ve ever met.  I’ve met a lot of motivators through business in my life and they just don’t compare to Amy’s ability to set goals, encourage and motivate you.  So, I wasn’t long at Tribe and Amy had me doing classes.  And, I absolutely love it.  My week consists of 2 personal training sessions, a Group Personal Training session (with Mel and a group of fantastic ladies), a spin class and the occasional Pilates .  I love training at 5am (and I never thought I’d ever say that), but it’s true.  It sets me up for the whole day, I have more energy and a I honestly think clearer.

I walked into Tribe weighing 103kgs and feeling pretty unfit.  My goal when joining Tribe was to lose weight.  Within 6 months, I’d lost 12 kilos and was the fittest I’d ever been.

In May 2017, I had a workplace accident.  The scary thing is, the only reason I survived was because I was at my fittest.  I literally hung onto a gutter for 4 and a half minutes (I know my old self at 103kgs and unfit was in no shape to have done that).  This fall left me with a busted lung, busted diaphragm, 14 broken ribs and 2 cracked vertebrae.  Yeah, I was pretty sore.  Anyway, as soon as I was out of hospital I contacted Amy for her help to get me back on track.  Amy put me straight back on the Inbody. I’d lost muscle mass and my physical movement was restricted, but together, Amy and I reset my goals and away we went.  Within 3 months, she had me back to doing everything I was doing prior to my injury.  We focused a lot on mobility and building my muscle strength again.

The thing about Tribe is it’s not a gym, it’s a whole lifestyle.  All the members are really friendly, they all say hello, everyone is encouraging and everyone is on the same journey.  It’s just a really comfortable place.  And the trainers, they are incredible.  They are knowledgeable and regardless of whether you train with them, you can ask them a question and they will give you guidance and advice, it’s outstanding.  There is so much variety at Tribe with all the different classes and they are always introducing new things like the Challenges (they are outstanding).  And the social catch ups are a great way to meet more Tribers and have a chat and laugh with people you work hard alongside of when exercising.  I’ve never been into Facebook, I didn’t even have an account, but I joined Facebook in the last challenge so that I could be part of the Tribe Challenge Community and it’s been fantastic.  The encouragement and support is phenomenal.

Tribe has changed my family’s life. My daughter Charlotte is now at Tribe and she loves it too. Tribe has an app that you use to book into classes and you can also invite your Tribe friends to classes.  Charlotte is always inviting me to classes and I love working out next to her.  We also use Delish Deliveries.  So my meal plan produce is delivered direct to my door every week!

It’s true that it’s easier to exercise with bunch of mates than on your own and at Tribe, we are all mates – young or old, male of female, fit or getting fit, we’re all in it together.

David, we love having you at Tribe, your dedication and commitment to your health and fitness is outstanding. And, you do it all with a smile.