Amy shares why she became a Personal Trainer

The reason why I chose to be a PT was because, funny enough, I was actually in high school and I had Personal Training myself.  This is a bit of a weird scenario how things work out, but it was actually Alana (a colleague now) that trained me.  Yes, so small world.

I was 16 and I used to train with Alana.  She inspired me quite a lot being a younger kid. But more than anything, I always loved helping people.  That was the thing, I always knew I wanted to do something around the fact that I always wanted to help someone and that took my fitness journey along.



I can’t speak highly enough about our team.  The way we work together is amazing.  We bounce off each other all the time and the bunch of us are all so diverse in what we’re good at and also we help each other all the time.  We are always going for the same goal and the same target.  We have so many individuals in our team that all want the same thing at the end of the day.

My family do come to Tribe.  So I have my sister, my mum and my grandma that all come to Tribe.  My sister is 19, my mum is in her 50’s and my nan is in her 70s.  The thing I love about is that every single one of them come at different times  during the day and they all do different things so whether it be Group Personal Training, Personal Training or Classes, they all have their own thing.  My nan just loves to come in here, get a bit of a sweat, stay in time with the music and have fun. Which obviously for her age is awesome.  My mum does more high intensity cardio, but everyone can come here and that makes me very happy that they all come here.