Thank you!

I stand here today reflecting upon our Tribe with so much pride.

What makes me proud?

Well, the Tribe members are so very important to us, and all of our decisions are based around asking ourselves ‘’What is best for our Tribers’’?

The Team always delivers the answer. Every. Single. Time.

That’s what makes me proud.

In 2022 the team stepped up more than ever with the running of Tribe.

I called on the usual suspects – Kosti and Ange – to be even more hands on this year. Of course, they rose to it. Doing what they do best, carrying the load. Thank you guys.

Paddy. Deadset rock that bloke. Always there when any of us need him – that calming influence. There when the chips are down. Every. Single Time.

Paddy celebrates 10 years with Tribe come February 2023 and he often says apart from marrying Lib and having his 2 gorgeous daughters, joining Tribe was one of his best decisions.

It was one of my best decisions recruiting him.

Rach. Everyone loves Rach and her absolute heart of gold. This year she has really established herself as a valued Team member. I want to thank her for giving so much of her heart to Tribe members.

Jac. The tireless worker who has now added reformer to her skill set, and Kel, with her abundance of energy and forever good mood who is driving the newly returned reformer classes for us.

Thank you to you both.

Jacob. Every morning assembling the witches hats. Even in the rain. We need you out there, thank you buddy.

Shari. Recently I surveyed 87 members who do Shari’s classes consistently. 85 amazing comments and 2 comments that you might call ‘work ons’.

Shar’s sends me an email highlighting the 2 ‘work ons’ and her action plan.

Now I know we need to focus on the 85 positive comments, but I can’t help but love that she wants to work on the things she needs to improve. Shar’s has been doing this gig for 20 years, yet still endlessly energetic to grow. Love her attitude so much.

Then there’s Brodee, Troy and Ty.

Our work horses. Under the radar, head down, focused, getting their job done with the minimum of fuss. The utmost professionals and committed to their field.

Such valued team members.

Ty drives from Wollongong everyday! We are super grateful mate.

JG and Heathy, the stalwarts. Another solid 12 months at the crease. Changing peoples lives 1 PT session at a time. Thank you for the standard you set and the mentoring to our young guns coming through.

That brings me to Ally and Kristian. Sponges. Energetic. Keen. They are forging a nice career for themselves with Tribe.

Lewi! You make me smile Lewi. My Spin Duo partner in crime. I was actually intimidated jumping on the bike next to you but I loved every track we pumped out together. How good was our Christmas Eve Spin!

To Cara, Caitlin, Ellie and Alyssa. Thank you for your consistent hard work and smiley faces. You make walking in our door always a welcoming experience.

To Ken. The reason our equipment is always in working order. What did we ever do without you?

Our new recruits Ryan, Dykesy and Lucy.

Lucy is shaping her craft nicely and making her way into the hearts of the Tribers.

Ryan is one of the best blokes you’ll meet and has already developed so much respect from his peers. We nailed it getting this guy.

And what about Dykesy.

His Boxing & Rip In class cause the internet to melt and the wait lists speak for themselves. A true leader, a new energy, and I feel blessed to have him part of our team.

Thank you to our Reformer instructors Emily, Leanne and Wendy. You guys are going great. And our Yogis – Justine and Sai. We look forward to making yoga a bigger play in Tribe in 2023.

There were many highlights for me this year.

Some new initiatives took flight which is always exciting for both the Team and the members.

Ty’s Boxing Academy proved to be a big hit (see what I did there?).

Spin Duo was fantastic and the resurgence of Run Club led by Ryan is proving to be a Saturday special.

My trip to Miami to attend the Fitness & Wellness Industries biggest International Conference inspired the comeback of Reformer at Tribe and the introduction of Yoga. We are also delving into education around women’s hormonal health and menopause.

A stand out moment was definitely the all team sandhills session as part of the October Challenge.

150 Tribers doing it together and Paddy’s speech about what we are gaining in a Challenge rather than what we are losing. So much to love.

I am looking to 2023 with loads of excitement. With this team, we have so much energy and passion to make great things happen.

Tribe Run School and the Boxing Academy will run simultaneously alongside each other and both crews will be heading to Mudgee in August. The runners will run (your choice of 10K or 21K) and the boxers will come to Mudgee for their finale boxing session – and oh yep, join the runners for the vineyard tours.

Paddy will be leading our first ever youth program where he will lead a group of 15-17 year old young men through a 8 week mentoring program including exercise sessions and more importantly influencing these young men against the pitfalls of adolescent years such as drugs and alcohol. No doubt Paddy will leave his mark on this group and inspire them to be all they can be.

And continuing our commitment to wholistic health, starting January 30 we will have Yoga 3 nights per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) at 7:30pm. Tribe will close at 7:15pm to make for a quiet environment. Namaste.

There will be social catch ups, a strength program, the usual free coffee Friday buzz, and if you put enough pressure on me I will consider a Tribe retreat!

The Feb Challenge will be back. With a new twist of course! Think pods. Doing it with your mates. What we do best.

I want to thank all of you guys, our members. Thank you for embracing everything we stand for at Tribe and for supporting your mates plus making our new Tribers feel welcome. I am grateful for the manner in which you all present the best versions of yourselves at Tribe.

And then there is my wife Carla, who’s support is forever unwavering. She is always by my side. Never more so than this year. Thank you so much Carla.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We will see you all in 2023!