Thank you to my team

It’s been an interesting week.

I like the tough times. Actually, I just lied. Sorry.

I do prefer it when it is easier, but I love seeing what tough times bring. Circumstances don’t make a person, they reveal a person.

The care, concern, support and selfless acts I have witnessed this week have either given me goosebumps or brought a tear to my eye. Moments. That’s what I will remember most about this week.

Last Sunday morning I am talking to my good mate Ben Lucas. He owns a business called Flow Athletic in Paddington. Great business.

I got off the phone and said to Carla “We need to move on this”.

20 minutes later we are at Bunnings buying paper towels, disinfectant, anything we can get our hands on. We head down to Tribe.
I call Tom. “Mate, we need to make some changes to the timetable. Circuit has to go. Replace it with Lift. Cut Spin numbers down”.
Tom calls back 2 hours later. “That’s all done Mark”.
He’s a rock Tom. Gets it done. Every time.

Then I call Ange. It was like she was waiting for the call.
“Ange, we need to communicate some changes for the week”.
“Yes, yes, yep. Sure”. Done.

Don’t forget, it’s Sunday.

I receive a text from Jaymes Gleeson that night. “Mark, what do you need?”.
Jaymes always steps up. Never publicly. Always behind the scenes.

Laying in bed Sunday night. Good to go. Ready for the week.
Monday – the team rally. They always do.

I am in my office late Tuesday afternoon. It was a long day. My phone rings. Brad Street is calling. I’m thinking “Shit. I can not be bothered talking” (honesty here…).

I answer. “Brad Street! Legend! Mate, what’s doing?”.
“Hey Mark, I just rang to check in on you. You ok?”
I met this guy 6 months ago when he joined Tribe. He didn’t have to make that call. Unbelievable.

Later that evening. Paul Burgess calls. If you know Paul, you know how that call went down. Always supporting.
John Beach. Same thing. Genuine care.
Simon Bennett reaches out. He is 10,000 times smarter than me. Glad I spoke with him.

On Tuesday everything was getting quite real. I am thinking, we need some outdoor options. I go to the Team via our group chat.

“Guys, I need outdoor classes. Who can take what?”

All of them reply. Fast. “I can do this, I can do that.”

Amy puts her hand up for Mat Pilates, Mel Sarg for Meditation, Paddy Outdoor Bootcamp.

Bloody hell, I think I even agreed to let Kosti take a Zuu class. The point is, all of them replied – the entire team. These are classes they are happy to take on top of their usual week where they are getting up at 4am. Daily.

And people give me compliments on our social pages. ‘’Thanks Mark, you’re doing a great job’’.
It doesn’t seem right. It doesn’t seem fair.

The compliments are nice, and very much appreciated.

I am not being rude when I say that I do slightly cringe. I get embarrassed. I think to myself, ‘’It’s not me. It’s the Team. It’s always the Team’’. This is why I want to share some of the behind the scenes at Tribe.

On Thursday afternoon, after Britt flogged me in a PT session, she calls me back over and asks “Hey. How are you?” It’s not just a passing comment “How are you?”. She is genuinely interested. She cares. She wants an answer. She waits for my answer. I shake my head.

How did we get to the stage where we have these types of people at Tribe? Tribe way surpasses me. The momentum carries forward because of the Tribe. You guys. Our team. Our members.

Heathy has been sending me articles all week about how to manage this situation.

Jac texts me “I have your back”.

I heard Sandra Martin say “If you guys close, what the bloody hell are we gonna do?”. I laughed, smiled, and shake my head. Wow.

During the week Tom receives an email. He forwards to me. A member. John. “Please can you pause my membership for 1 month”. 3 mins later. A second email. “Actually, don’t pause it. Tribe has done so much for me. Happy for you to keep it going”.

If you know me properly, you know I am not writing this to encourage others to do the same. I just think in a pretty bad news week it’s nice to hear some touching stories.

On Friday night, Carla and I were talking about the week that was. Tyra, our daughter, sitting, listening. She runs off to her room. Comes back from her room with $120. “Here Dad”. She’s 9. And a good saver! That got me emotional.

Tribe will be fine. We will get through this. I hope all others pull through too. I encourage you all to think about someone else this week and reach out to them. See if they are ok. Let them know you are there for them. It’s a nice thing to do. It has made a difference to me this week.

I think the universe just might be telling us to slow down and be grateful for what we already have.
My calendar has never been more vacant. Good. I am going to keep it that way for a while. It is so nice to have nothing planned for the weekend. Spend it with family and friends. Properly. Be present. Put your phone down.

I want to thank our Team. These guys are unique. They have all contributed to this week. They are what make Tribe.
I don’t write this so people can come back and say “Mark, thanks for the updates. You’re doing a great job”.

I’d much prefer you pick someone in our team and comment below about them. Bypass me, go straight to them.
They are the engine room. They are the heartbeat. In many ways, your heartbeat.