Meet Jeanette

Jeanette’s transformed her body from good to great and here she shares why it’s important for her to be fit and healthy.

I’ve always trained regularly. I’ve tried bootcamps, small gyms, large franchises and nothing ever made me 100% happy. I’d make small steps, but there was always something they didn’t offer or the environment wasn’t right and I’d become disillusioned and leave.

I came to Tribe with a friend for one of their Challenges. After the first class, I was hooked. That’s all it took, one class. It was as quick as that to realise this is where I should be. I’m absolutely blown away with everything about Tribe.

  • The range of classes are awesome. You can get a full body workout within the week through all the different classes they offer.
  • The trainers are all over everything. They are genuinely interested in every member.
  • The screens around the classes are great, it makes the classes easy to follow and allows the instructors to move around the room to help everyone with their technique.
  • The general vibe and environment at Tribe is welcoming and friendly – that’s both the trainers and the members

My personal trainer Jaymes is next level. He has been phenomenal with educating me with my nutrition and training. When I started personal training with Jaymes my fitness was relatively good. I had a few kilos to shed, but Jaymes has really helped me to tone my body and with his guidance my strength and fitness have significantly increased.

I work for a wholesale bakery which means I’m around good food constantly. Since being at Tribe, I’m now in the position where I can maintain my current results. So now I’ve learned how to eat clean during the weekdays which affords me to relax and indulge a little on the weekend with fine food and wine. Life is great..!

I was recently asked by a trainer at Tribe about ‘my why’. What’s driving me to be fit and healthy. For me, a dear friend who battled (and beat) obesity is my why. After years of working his way to where he was feeling happy within himself, unfortunately, we lost him. For me, to be fit and healthy is a way of continuing his journey.

Tribe is certainly different to other gyms. I’ve made a number of new friends and I honestly can’t speak highly enough about Tribe. At the age of 60, my fitness journey is a work in progress and all about keeping mobility and health in my latter years with small personal wins just a bonus along the way.