Dave’s vibe on Tribe

We are today what we condition ourself to be. Be it good or bad. It’s up to us. It’s our choice. Our outcome.

How we think, how we act. It’s simply up to you. No one else. And we can’t blame others. No excuses. None.

With age comes wisdom and with life’s challenges we have the choice to improve or give in.

I owe my life dearly to being fit and strong, as this, I believe, is what saved me. If it wasn’t for my fitness, I believe I would not have survived my ordeal or been far worse off than I am.

Here’s my back story.

Almost 20 months ago, I was struck by a car running a red light whilst I was crossing at a set of lights on my bike at Sharkies football field lights. At a speed in excess of 70kms, I flew like a rag doll some further distance towards Sharkies field and landed like a busted pancake out cold.

10 weeks in hospital and a little sad from my injuries, I’m now pushing through with the strength I can gather daily and starting my rebuild. It’s way slower than I thought, but I’m chippin away at it. I have too. With broken bones, I was busted up all over – neck, back, shoulders, arm, knees and feet.

I can often be found in the corner with all my rubber bands doing resistance strength training. Ben has shown and given me progressive exercises, adapting them as I get stronger. We do 2 sessions per week. Ben helps me with my movement, my technique and control and at times my headspace. There’s a fair bit of space up there, so every bit of help, I take. It only makes me stronger. Ben’s really got my back and I’m very thankful for what we’ve achieved. As I’m at Tribe a lot with all my own rehab, at times he has looked over and noticed me really struggling and has come over and sent me home to rest and recoup. He, like the other trainers, really care for our health and wellbeing and I’m so grateful for this.

I also do Spin and Lift classes. However, I am limited as I can’t do the TRX, Power Circuit and Sixes classes efficiently yet and definitely no HIIT classes. I so want to punch the crap out of those bags, but with time I’ll be there soon smashing it out. Looks so much fun and everyone raves about HIIT. I often have a look into the class when I’m at the water filter and see some really tough punching going on. Patience grasshopper. Baby steps at the moment.

The reformer studio upstairs has also assisted me greatly in my recovery in freeing up my movement and strengthening my core. It’s a bed type platform with resistance attachments connected which slides on rollers and pulleys and you use your arms and legs to move it along with the aid of the resistance force generated. It’s been great for my shoulders, back and knees and the girls running the classes are so so caring and helpful and adapt the exercises for injured peeps like me.

I highly recommend this one, and boys it’s not just for the girls. It’s hard and it’s a great workout and you will feel it in places you never thought before.



Tribe has been a vital part in my recovery. My rehab. The members. The trainers. The culture. The vibe. Their care. It all works.

It’s an amazing community.

I joined Tribe a little over 3 & 1/2 years ago. My first ever gym at a ripe old age of almost 50. I had never done weights. Never.

I instantly felt welcomed and part of Tribe right from the start. I took up the Trial offer which included PT sessions and access to all classes.

And they have free coffee Friday once a month. Winner winner chicken dinner. Love my coffee. I was hooked.

I became a regular daily 5 am-er, did 2 weekly PT sessions and did all the classes on offer and took part in the Challenges pushing myself as much as I could and got some amazing results. Loved it. My PT sessions were great, mixing it up all the time. Loved my sessions doing glove work as I got to let a lot of frustrations out.

We all come with a little baggage, some more than others, haha. Its not just you.

These guys have assisted me in sorting my priorities out.

I’ve stopped and had a good look at myself. I’ve re-arranged things. Replaced things. Prioritised. I have a better balance now.

I’m starting to care more for myself and others.

I worked my butt off for way way too many years doing insane work hours as this is all I knew. Now my happy place is working my butt off at Tribe in getting stronger day by day. The positivity, the happiness and the laughter make this place so much fun.

So many choices. So many classes.

And a great range of machines and free weights for you to do your own thing.

The social aspect of having fun really really works. The owner has nailed it. The musics great. The facilities. The cleanliness. It just all friggen works. All ages. All shapes. All types. Mark the owner has managed to assemble such talented caring staff and is constantly wanting feedback to make this space/place even better. Mark, you’re doing a fab job and us members are so much better for it, for your passion and desire to want to please us. Thanks big boy.

The behind the scenes staff are also truly amazing. For the newbies they really make you feel welcome, giving you a tour and explaining how the place works and how to use the Tribe app to book into classes. The apps great as it makes you accountable as you have to turn up for the classes that you have booked into. You let yourself down and other members down by not turning up by hogging their spots and that has consequences. You’ll find out.

And they all know your name. Not just your personal trainer. All the trainers and staff.

I’ve also meet some really amazing people with great life stories and struggles that they have overcome or overcoming and some remarkable weight loss statistics that are truly inspirational. Massive congrats for the commitment, dedication, mindset and courage for what has been achieved and maintained. Un friggen believable. What some of the members and trainers have accomplished, blows me away. There’s great inspiration to be found. Putting yourself in places and your trainers backing you, knowing you can do it. Trust in them and have a go. We can do way more than we believe.

Over the years, I’ve also seen plenty of growth and character shown from both the members and the trainers. It’s really great watching people excel.

Families train with their kids. Husband’s and wive’s train together. Friends together.

One big happy family having fun.

I’m going to pinch this line off Donna a fellow Triber.

It’s like “Cheers” but not in a pub. Cheers without the beers.

For all those young ones, Cheers was a TV show back in the 80’s where they all gathered regularly each arvo at a bar and everyone knew everyone and they had plenty of laughs.

Here, it’s just without the beers. You can keep to yourself or gasbag as much as you like. I really encourage you to pop in and meet the gang and try it out. It’s not just me raving about this place, read other peoples stories and you’ll find this common theme relevant throughout.

We look after our cars, we keep our home tidy, why not look after yourself in health and fitness and nutrition.

We owe it to ourselves to maintain our health because who knows what lies around the corner. You also could get hit by a car tomorrow. Now we don’t want that, but things do happen beyond our control, so definitely recommend staying fit as there’s so so much to benefit from this for you and your loved ones.

These guys at Tribe will get you results if you genuinely want it and

you will feel a whole lot better for it.

Come on in and become one of the Tribe.