Long term weight loss results for Kate

Kate Anderson.

She is the epitome of how consistency equals results. Kate has stayed on track for months now, chipping away and the results speak for themselves. She’s lost the mentality of the quick fix and set out to achieve long term results. She looks and feels amazing, training like a weapon and of course always smiling!

“I recently completed my second Tribe challenge & had great results. I lost 4.9kgs & maintained my muscle mass. I have been at Tribe for a year now & in that time I have lost 17.2kgs & my body fat percentage has dropped from 27% to 16%.

What I have finally been able to do for the first time, is to get rid of the “all or nothing” mindset. I have become consistent with my training, regardless of what else is going on in my life & I’ve become satisfied with making small, sustainable changes & seeing slow progress rather than dropping huge numbers in short periods of time only to regain the weight once the challenge was over.

Each weigh in or scan I have done at Tribe has been better than the previous one. Sometimes not by much, but always better. As an impatient person, it wasn’t easy for me to change my attitude to playing the long game rather than always wanting to see quick results. But I’m really glad that I did.”

We love having you at Tribe, Kate