Let us introduce you to our Charity Spin partner Project Youth

In 2024, 958 young people referred to Project Youth (12-24years) will be turned away from our doors, left to face homelessness alone, due to a lack of funding and capacity. The crisis of youth homelessness, compounded by the housing shortage, rising poverty, and increasing family breakdowns, can feel insurmountable.

Project Youth has 2 crisis refuges and 67 transitional beds in the Sutherland Shire and Georges River areas. Young people in the housing program are supported by youth support workers and peer mentors.

Project Youth’s Vision: A future where youth homelessness does not exist.

Purpose: To PREVENT youth homelessness from occurring, and where it does occur, ensure it is BRIEF and NON-REOCCOURING.

Danny (who the Tribe team have been inspired by after he came to speak at our team meeting) a young person in Project Youth service who needed a bike to help him to get to and from work and keep him fit. Read below where Danny shares how Project Youth helped him recently….

“The bike helps me with my fitness, allows me to get to and from my casual job at Café Y and allows me to ride around with my mates on the weekends.
Chris from Your Cycle Mechanics really helped me to learn some new skills through work experience at his awesome shop and showed me how to fix up my bike so it looks brand new. Thank you so much Chris, I really appreciate you taking the time to teach me new skills. I would really love to get work as a bike mechanic if anyone has any contacts please let me know. ”

An example of how Project Youth is making a difference. By supporting Project Youth and our Charity Spin event, we can all make a difference and help youths in the Shire.

Who will be your Spin Marathon team mates?????