Glenda’s made life-long friends

We love having Glenda at Tribe. Always smiling and always supporting and encouraging others. Here Glenda shares her journey.

I joined Tribe in January 2015 as my husband Dennis (who’s a founding member of Tribe) kept saying I should join. At the time, I was a member at another gym and my personal trainer would text me the morning of my session to cancel or sometimes I’d turn up for my scheduled session and he just wouldn’t show up. I’d had enough. It’s funny what we accept, I didn’t realise the low standards of that facility until I came to Tribe.

When I walked through the doors almost 5 years ago, I was met by Amy’s smiling face at Reception. I was shown around and signed up that day. I’ve never regretted a day…except that I should’ve started earlier. Sure I’ve had my ups and downs (don’t we all), but what I’ve been told at Tribe, works! I have a personal trainer and she’s awesome, a meal plan, my weights program and the awesome classes (spin, circuit, lift and my favourite – Rip In). If you stick to the plan, it works! I’m 20 kilos lighter and feeling so much healthier and fitter. What I’ve noticed the most is how important exercise is for your mind. It’s incredible.

All of the trainers are outstanding at Tribe. They should all be congratulated on their knowledge, commitment to their clients and their overall care for every member. It’s phenomenal. My Personal Training sessions have been great for me. My trainer has helped to figure out what works for me. I’ve never said no to her (I don’t think anyone has). She’s direct, keeps me accountable, doesn’t allow any excuses and is supportive.

What I love most about Tribe are the friendships. I’ve made life-long friendships. Tribe is my happy place. When I walk through the doors (even when I think about Tribe), I can’t help but smile. I have a stressful job and Tribe is my time. Time for me. Time to forget about everything and focus on me and it’s great for my mindset. Tribe make it easy to make friends. With all the social and fitness events, it’s got something for everyone. Dennis and I are off on our second Tribe Bali Retreat in June 2020. It’s such a great time to relax, unwind and enjoy a nice balance of both fitness and social activities – it’s an instant party with all your Tribe friends (new and old).

There’s so much I love about Tribe. Here’s just a few:

    • The Tribe Challenges. They are awesome! A great way to refocus and reset habits. The team concept represents what Tribe stands for. Everyone comes together and the support and encouragement is phenomenal.
    • Mudgee Weekend with the Tribe. This is a highlight for me. Whilst I can’t run due to my bad knees, I love the weekend in Mudgee with the Tribe. Standing at the finish line and cheering everyone across the line, it’s so much fun. Watching the joy on peoples faces as they achieve something they’ve been training for is pretty cool. I’ve met lots of new friends in Mudgee.

I’ve recently jumped into Group Personal Training at Tribe and I love this. I was really nervous to start with. I thought you had to be really fit to do it. But it’s like anything at Tribe, everyone is encouraging and supportive. We are all at different points on our journey and everyone respects this. It’s a great way to get a really solid weight training session in and I’m a big fan of it now.

I’m really glad I walked through the doors at Tribe. It’s my happy place!