Deana’s inspiring journey

Before I joined Tribe, I was very sick.  I’d been diagnosed with a bone marrow disease that I was told I’d have for life.

Once I joined Tribe, still seeing my doctor, still being on medication, I engaged a Personal Trainer who put me on a really clean, wholefoods diet.  I started training daily and started noticing massive changes in me both physically and mentally and started feeling really, really good.

I decided once I’d lost the first 15 kilos, which just seemed to happen in the first few months that I would lower my medication and then eventually stop taking it.

When I went back to my doctor, she looked at my results and she called me and said, I need you to come in and I need you to tell me everything you’re taking and everything you’re doing, because this doesn’t seem like the same person that it was 6 months ago.

She said to me, if everyone did what you did, I wouldn’t have a job. Now, I no longer have the disease.  So I am genuinely free of medication and free of the disease.  It’s just been an incredible journey.