20 kilos down and sailing through life

Anthony’s been running a successful IT business for 34 years and leads 32 staff across Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.  Three years ago he made the conscious decision to remove himself as the Managing Director to a non executive role within the business.  Anthony goes into the office once or twice a month, but checks in daily from the comfort of his own home.

Anthony and Sandy met on RSVP.  ‘Anthony’s profile contained “must be interested in sailing and water sports”.  Growing up Sandy used to have a Hobbie Cat so thought I can give it a go (this is typical of Sandy’s have a go attitude).  It turns out we also had common connections within the industry we worked, so it’s such a small world’, says Sandy.

Sandy has always been active and had been to a number of gyms in the Shire.  The gym she was at was one she knew Anthony would not enjoy, ‘I went on a mission to find a gym that would suit both Anthony and I.  I needed to find a gym that would allow me to continue to train hard, but also suitable for Anthony who has a few injuries and is not in to ‘all that hard core’ training.  When I found Tribe I knew Anthony would enjoy it and benefit from being a member here too’.

Anthony shares…..’Sandy is a gym nazi and basically shamed me into coming.  I used every excuse under the sun as I have a bad knee and a bad shoulder.  I was convinced I couldn’t do it.  I finally agreed to come down to do the trial.  So I got 6 PT sessions (2 per week for 4 weeks), full access to all the classes, a nutrition plan and 2 Inbody scans (tells you your body fat and muscle mass and much more).  It’s been fantastic.  I’ve lost 20 kilos and gained a stack of energy.  I enjoy cricket and sailing and I’ve seen great improvements in these sports too.  I’ve found my recovery when doing things is far better.  I used to come home from sailing and be exhausted, but now I get home and get on with doing things.

Anthony and Sandy are quite the Brady Bunch with Nicole – apprentice Hairdresser (17), Ellouise – studying dance full time (19), Dylan – working in the sports industry at Rebel (22), Maclean – studying his degree in mechatronics engineering (22) and Samantha – office manager, IT (25).  So as you can imagine, ‘dinner can be for 2 or 12 by the time you include partners’, says Sandy.

Anthony says, ‘I can’t believe I walked into the gym for the first time at age 54 where I weighed in 91kg and two years later I’m 71kg and honestly feeling younger now than I did 2 years ago.  I’m enjoying life again and loving the outdoors’.

Whilst Sandy enjoys the classes at Tribe, her favourite is Group PT.  Group PT offers the ability to lift heavy weights, whilst being guided by an instructor who makes it fun.

Anthony shares, if there is one piece of advice I could give someone my age (or any age for that matter) that has an injury and thinks they can’t exercise, come on in as you can still exercise, your trainer can help you with a plan.