Come and train with Troy at Tribe

Did you know that the perfectly poured Guinness takes almost 120 seconds to settle? Two whole minutes of what would surely feel like a lifetime as you await that first sip on a warm-ish Irish day.

And whilst a gym blog shouldn’t really be talking about beer straight up the Irish analogy was just too good to pass up. Because just like the Irish await their Guinness to settle, we’ve been very patiently waiting for Troy to arrive in Australia (from Ireland) to join our Tribe team.

And you know, it’s true what they say, good things do come to those who wait. We’re very excited to introduce to you our newest trainer, Troy Reneker.

At Tribe, we search high and low (and even in Ireland) for the very best trainers and Troy is no exception. He has over 10 years experience in PT and group training, he’s a qualified weight lifting coach and has extensive experience in sports performance coaching – training athletes in Rugby, Gaelic football, Boxing, Cycling and Golf – what’s that, a trainer who can get you stronger AND improve your golf game?? Look out!

He really knows his stuff. But more importantly to us is his philosophy around training his clients. To enrich their lives and give preference to empathy and empowerment of those he trains to reach their health and fitness goals. He’s a pretty committed guy – he must be because it’s been no easy feat returning home to Australia in the middle of this pandemic. Not to mention leaving his wife and their two children behind while they prepare for the move themselves.

And speaking of the pandemic, the poor guy has been in hotel quarantine for the past two weeks so, in an effort to keep him busy, we caught up with him to learn a little more about why we think he’s going to fit right in at Tribe.

Troy, a huge welcome to you! We are so excited to have you at Tribe – please tell us…

Why’d you choose us?

The culture really drew me to want to work for Tribe. There is a wonderful atmosphere here and it’s a real community and family. I really wanted to be a part of that. Plus my sister Gretchen has been training with Tribe for a couple of years, she’s doing so well and always speaks so highly of the place.

We love weight training at Tribe. And we think 1 on 1 PT is a great way to stay on track. If I was looking for a PT why should I train with you?

I am a huge believer in simplicity and consistency in my approach to training clients. For people to be consistent they need to enjoy what they do. It’s that simple. Finding that enjoyment for my clients is what I do best.

I’m really passionate about enriching my clients lives through health and fitness. I work with my clients to enable them to change their behaviours to achieve their goals. Sometimes the smallest change can make a huge impact.

Any advice for those who have put on a few kg’s during this pandemic? What’s your top tip to strip fat?

Like weight training, it’s all about consistency. Start as if you can finish and stay on track with your nutrition and your exercise.

There aren’t any quick fixes – well not sustainable ones anyway. To lose weight it’s about being in a calorie deficit. The best way to do this is to increase your protein and continue to focus on building muscle through weight training. How good is weight training?!

You’re a man who knows his stuff, that’s for sure. Give the people a taste of what they can expect if they train with you? What’s a great success story of yours?

A properly designed and personalised training plan can really improve the quality of people’s lives.

And while every client is special to me in their own way, one client really sticks out. She was a mother of four who was in her forties and was told she needed a metal plate in her spine because it kept seizing up.

Instead, she came to me and after performing a full functional screening on her, we identified the problem and we decided to get her strong. A little while later her back stopped hurting, she could squat over her body weight, performed a full chin up and wore a bikini when she went on holiday.

For me, that is what it’s all about!

And finally, we’re always on the lookout for inspo on what to eat. I’m starving at 3:30 – what’s your go-to snack?

It depends on the goal of the person but if they are trying to reduce body fat it should definitely have protein in it. Protein is key! For me personally, I love almonds, walnuts and a pear.

Troy joins the team on Monday (7 Sept) and will be taking weekly Group PT sessions and 1on1 PT. Try him out yourself. Let him help you to improve your golf game, feeling amazing in your swimmers or to fall back in love with your training.

Welcome Troy!