Tiff’s 15 kilo journey

I’ve been a bookwork most of my life.  I played table tennis in high school and loved the idea of being sporty, but as an asthmatic, it held me back mentally and physically.

When I was at Uni, I joined a gym but never stuck to it.  I was literally making a weekly donation.

I met Brenton who is a Triber and he always talked about how good Tribe was.  Brenton was keen to get involved in the October Challenge and I decided to get involved too.  My intention was to do the Challenge only and then I’d be motivated to continue on my own.

I suffered Takotsubo cardiomyopathy.  This is a condition where your heart muscle becomes suddenly weakened.  I realised I needed to take better care of myself for longer than just a Challenge, but for the rest of my life.  With my condition, I had to keep my heart-rate under 140. The trainers were great in modifying exercises, advising me to sit a set out and jump back in when I could.  It’s great to be able to participate and feel good.    After the Challenge, I wanted to stay at Tribe to be surrounded by positive people and to continue on my health and fitness journey.

My personal trainer Dani is great.  Her motivation is amazing.  I suffer from frustration and anxiety and Dani is great at helping me redirect my energy into my training.   Sometimes I suffer mental blocks and Dani is great at helping me break things down to overcome these.  As I mentioned, I haven’t had great success with staying at a gym, so Dani really helps with my accountability and commitment.

Before Tribe, I was the heaviest I’d ever been.  Now, I’m 15 kilos lighter!  My asthma is far better, I’m far more confident in myself and my life choices, I have far more energy and I feel so much healthier.

This shows how much we love our Tribe.  Brenton and I were living in Campsie and travelled daily from Campsie to Tribe at Taren Point for a 6am class.  From there, I’d travel back to Campsie, get ready for work and head off to work for the day.  Brenton would shower at Tribe and head off to the City for work.

Now, we’ve moved to Caringbah as we wanted to be closer to Tribe!

What I love about Tribe is it’s friendly, everyone chats to you, the trainers and members encourage and motivate you throughout the classes.  I’ve watched people who are not training together pop over and spot one another for a set of two.  It’s such a friendly community.  We are all part of one big team.  And, social.  Tribe is the place to meet loads of friends with events like Mudgee, social catch ups and free coffee Friday’s. It’s health, fitness and a lot of fun.

Tiff, we love having you at Tribe.  We’ve loved watching your journey and can’t wait for you to join us for our Tribe Bali Retreat in 2019.