Sandy’s journey

Sandy’s achieved an outstanding 10kg result since joining Tribe and today she is feeling her strongest and fittest ever!

I’ve always been an active person until a few years ago when I met my now husband, Anthony.  Anthony wasn’t a gym goer and as a typical bachelor, lived a lifestyle of takeaway, dining out and his only exercise was his sailing.  Our social lifestyle of poor food choices and a few too many drinks, led to me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

I knew how good I could feel and wanted to find a gym that would suit both Anthony and I.  I researched every gym in the Shire and decided Tribe was the right fit for both Anthony and I.  Within 12 months of joining Tribe, I was feeling the best I’ve ever felt.  I was at my peak and feeling strong and fit.

Anthony and I enjoy a lot of travel and whilst I try to ensure I eat well and still exercise, my routine is thrown out the window with ‘cocktail hours’ and deserts I wouldn’t normally indulge in.  When travelling, we eat every meal out.  Whilst we endeavour to make wise choices, you don’t always have control on portion sizes, sauces, how it’s cooked or what’s on the menu.  And, holidays are about enjoyment!

But, what I’ve learned now when travelling, is to always train when on holidays.  I always maintain my weight training and increase my exercise with walking.  This helps me to maintain my muscle.  And, when it comes to food, I ensure every meal has protein and vegies or salad.  Then within a few weeks of being back at Tribe (and eating well again), my body bounces back.

Tribe has really helped me with both my training and my nutrition.  My personal trainer Amy is outstanding.  She’s set me up with a meal plan that I follow and I have a training plan that works for me.  Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of weight training in managing weight loss and in getting and keeping strong.  My personal trainer keeps me accountable.  My routine includes 3 weight training sessions (this includes 2 personal training sessions and 1 Group Personal Training class), 2 Reformer Pilates classes and 1-2 cardio classes.  What I love about Personal Training and Group Personal Training is the attention I receive from my trainer, Amy.  With consistency, I have become so much stronger and this leaves me feeling outstanding.

Yep, with the festive season I relaxed a little and indulged in foods I wouldn’t normally eat and enjoyed a few extra glasses of bubbles with family and friends, but I’m straight back on my plan now and looking forward to jumping into the Spring Challenge.  It’s a great way to refocus and reset to kickstart positive habits again.

We can’t always be perfect 365 days of the year, but I’ve come a long way and am loving my training and how I feel.