Loz shares how Tribe is her Team!

We love having Loz at Tribe.  No matter what’s going on in her life, she is always training consistently.  Here she shares why she loves training and how she fits it into her life.

I’m blessed to have a supportive husband Nick and three gorgeous children, Frankie (2.5yrs) and twins, Solei and Noa (10 mths).  Nick is a local concreter and heads to work at 6:30am.  So for me, the only time I can train is between 5-6am.  That’s my window of opportunity.  With three small kids, things can be unpredictable, so routine is key.  Not only routine for the kids, but routine for me.  Every night, I get my gym clothes out, so I’m set to leave the house as quick as I can.   My alarm is set for 4:36am (yep, I’ve got it down to the minute).  Most mornings I chuck a quick load of washing on before I scoot to my 5am class.

A supportive family, time management and forward thinking are essential in making sure I fit everything in to our ever increasing busy lives.  Mum and dad took this year off to experience semi-retirement, and my in-laws are local too, so they have all been a massive help and pillar of strength for me with the experience of three kids under 2.
And my husband Nick, he is supportive of me getting up and going to the gym.  If the girls need anything between 5-6am, he tends to them at this time as he is also preparing for his day ahead.

I love my training regime, I ensure I get 3 weights sessions done via 2 Group Personal Training sessions and a Lift class and then 2-3 cardio sessions, so Sandhills with the Tribe on Wednesday AM and a walk with Mum and our pram convoy at some stage through the week.  Anything else is a bonus. Ensuring I make the most of my 5-6am training timeslot is so important as it sets me up for the day.  When I’ve trained, it really helps a lot with my mindset. I feel I’m a better wife, better mum and that I make far better choices with my food.

In earlier years, I was always active and played a lot of team sport.  Most of my close friends today are girls I played side by side with and this is what I love about Tribe.  Tribe is my team.  And with only 6 people in each Group Personal Training session (well still 8 in the mighty Greek Group PT – where each of us have booked recurring each week), it’s my mini team.   Group Personal Training is awesome for so many reasons, but one thing I love is not having to think!  I know that may sound strange, but like many people, I have so many balls in the air in life that it’s great to walk in and have the session all planned.  Each session is hard, it challenges me and the trainers push me and keep me accountable. I also love the banter that is generated between new and old friends.

There has definitely been setbacks between leading the consistent training regime I do now and the dream of creating the family we are so blessed to have today. And that’s just life! Nick and I knew we were going to have a pretty hard time falling pregnant.  Going through rounds of IVF and other fertility procedures and treatments for both Frankie and the twins, the emotional roller coaster was incredible.  I remember sitting in the shower balling my eyes out and having to pick myself up and go again. I’m a big believer in always looking to move forward.  My training (while the intensity changed) was a constant during this time that 100% helped me keep a positive attitude and my mind in check.  It’s definitely not always the physical aspect of training that we can all benefit from.

You never know what’s going on in peoples lives, the day (or night) they’ve had or the stress they are under. And this is what I love about Tribe.  Everyone is friendly, you don’t need to know what’s going on with others, everyone says hello, smiles at one another and is positive and supportive of each other’s journey.

Loz, we love having you at Tribe, your consistency is admirable.  We love how you just ‘get it done’.