Dynamic Duo

Terry and Kathy are the proud parents of Kristian (15), Damien (13) and Joanna (8) and run a successful smash repair business in the thriving Eastern Suburbs.  Running your own business carries a range of pressures, challenges and triumphs and here they share why exercise is an important part of their daily routine.

I walked into Tribe in January 2014 as a friend was a member and I drive past Tribe to get to and from work.  At the time there was a banner out the front promoting an upcoming Challenge.  I realised I was out of control.  Growing up I was always active playing Rugby League and Oztag.  Then, like for many of us, marriage and children come along and all of a sudden, 10 years had passed.

I remember walking through the doors on the 31st January, 2014 at my heaviest…..Now, I’m 30 kilos lighter!

From day one, I’ve had a personal trainer, Paddy.  He has been exceptional with educating and supporting me through my journey.  He has taught me the importance of weight training and balancing cardio and my food.  I love my sessions with Paddy, I can’t rate him highly enough.

I was diagnosed with a cancer lump in my left kidney in late 2015.  Yep, this was after I had dropped all the weight and was training really well. I went into surgery in April 2017 and had 30% of my left kidney removed through robotic key-hole surgery. This left me with six holes through my stomach.  I thought this was the end of training.  But, with the support of Paddy and my fellow Tribers, I was able to get back and exceed where I’d left off.

What I love about Tribe is the friendships and support from all the trainers and fellow members.  I train with people older, younger and fitter, but the comradery and support at Tribe is something I’ve never seen before.  It doesn’t matter if you’re at the peak of your performance or starting your journey, the encouragement and enthusiasm towards each member is the same.

I can openly say, at my heaviest, I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, I hated trying on clothes and was always tired (and generally making poor life choices).  My journey has me feeling more comfortable and I have loads more confidence.  I feel healthy, fit and strong….what’s not to love about that?   I owe a lot to Kathy, her support is phenomenal.  Kathy does all my food prepping, all the kids pick up and drop offs and works within our business too.  We support one another to allow each other the time to train to help with our mental health.    It’s teamwork all the way.

For Kathy, I was also active as a teenager, always played sport and was genetically gifted.  But, I progressively got bigger after each pregnancy.  I was actually at another gym at the time Terry joined Tribe.  I’d plateaued, lacked a goal and was missing variety in my training.  One day, Terry encouraged me to join him for a casual spin class at Tribe.  At first I thought, I’m not doing a spin class, what do I want to do that for, everyone will be watching me…..but, I loved it and no one stared at me, in fact, everyone was nice!  So, I joined up too!

With 3 kids, a household and supporting Terry with our business, routine is key for me.  I train in the mornings so that I know nothing is going to derail me during the day to prevent me from getting it done.  I love the variety of classes at Tribe with circuit classes, spin and weight training.    For me, I have a personal trainer, Kosti.  Kosti pushes me to the next level with my weight training.  We set goals together, but the biggest thing is he keeps me accountable.   I also love Group Personal Training at Tribe, it’s an outstanding weights session and with only 6 people per group, you really receive personalised attention.  I’m definitely feeling stronger and more toned. Big tick!

What I love about Tribe is the friendships.  There are a group of us that train together and socialise outside of Tribe with BBQ’s, dinners and social events.  It’s a real friendship or community.  It’s just something you don’t do or see at a ‘conventional gym’.

If I could give one piece of advice to someone who was looking to start their health and fitness journey, I’d say, just do it.  Don’t ring, don’t email, just walk in the door.  Once you’re here, you’ll feel so comfortable to train!

Kathy and Terry, we love having you at Tribe.  Your consistency and discipline is admirable.  Thank you for inspiring not only our members, but our Team daily!