Cara’s 10 kilo journey

Cara is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  You know when you meet someone and you are instantly at ease? Well Cara has a natural and genuine way of doing this.

Cara is from a large family.  She is the eldest of 6 and is actually a twin.  Coming from a large family, it’s no surprise Cara herself is a mother of 4.  Teyana (15), Alyssa (12), Summah (7) and Chas (5).   Cara is a devoted mother, loving wife (most of the time) to Aaran and as you can imagine manages a busy household.

Cara joined Tribe before our doors even opened.  Yep, in our pre-sale.  At the time Cara only had 3 kids and was 10kgs heavier than she liked.  She was feeling unfit and really wanted to shift her unwanted kilos. Within 12 months of being at Tribe she fell pregnant with her fourth child.  She modified her training and kept her consistent routine.  After Chas joined the family, she jumped onboard our Challenge and it was game on.  She shares, ‘I was turning 40 and I was focused on feeling happy in my own skin again.  I eliminated all alcohol and processed carbs like bread, pasta and rice.   I made sure my food was 100% on point and exercised 5-6 times a week.  I dropped 7kgs and toned up, but more importantly I felt great.

Not only is Cara a mother of 4 and a ‘Clinical Hypnotherapy’.   Cara has her own business, so if you’re keen to explore the benefits of hypnotherapy and past life regression, jump onto

Cara shares, ‘there are so many great things about Tribe but 3 of the best things are:

  1. I’ve met some great friends at Tribe.  Who would’ve thought I’d meet a great bunch of ladies where we go away on weekends together, they’re amazing.  We are all like-minded, everyone is supportive, no one judges and the best part, I can just be me
  2. The classes are great.  I love that I can do weight classes, spin, circuit, pilates and outdoors.  The variety is awesome.  The classes are fun and you work to your limits.
  3. The positive effect I’m having on my family is by far the best.  The kids see me as a strong and fit mum.  Teyana and Alyssa see me eating bacon and eggs for breakfast and salads for lunch and now ask to eat the same.  Alyssa even sets up little workouts at home to do.  This makes me feel really proud.  And Summah and Chas are always showing me their push-up skills.

Cara you are a gorgeous soul and such a positive role model for your family.  We love having you as part of the Tribe.