10 marathons & 34 half marathons for Robert

I’ve had been in the agricultural and construction industry for 45 years working with a major industry supplier brand managing Aftersales parts business.   So effectively helping them balance the risk between having too much stock versus keeping customer demand levels satisfied while hitting the sales numbers required by corporate.  These days, I’m enjoying the life of being semi-retired, whilst still contracting part time within the industry.  This provides the opportunity for a good balance with the flexibility to adjust my calendar to go on holidays or watch the Mighty Dragons win (on occasions anyway).

I joined Tribe in 2013 after being persuaded by my friends Les and Vicki whom are both Tribers.  I’ve only ever been a member of 1 gym before, but you can really tell the difference between that gym and Tribe. The care of the trainers at Tribe is outstanding.  And, the facilities are first Class.  Tribe is always clean, the equipment is always working and Mark (the owner) is always keen to ‘renew’ to keep the members motivated and engaged with their fitness.

There are many things I love about Tribe;

  1. The friends I’ve made.  I’ve met some inspirational people and made lifelong friends too
  2. The atmosphere is positive, fun and full of energy
  3. The trainers are positive, experienced and genuinely care about you
  4. The variety of the classes is outstanding.  I started at Tribe largely for the Run Club, but now I do Spin, Power Circuit and Lift, Rip-In (boxing and cardio class),

What I also like about Tribe is you can do any of the 100 classes on offer, or Small Group such as Reformer or Group Personal Training or you can do 1 on 1 PT.  I’m currently doing 1 on 1 Personal Training as a focus on next big run and I’m really enjoying it.  I’ve seen my muscle mass increase, which is important to me as I get older (ouch)

The best thing about Tribe is it’s ‘social’.  There is always lots of things to get involved in like Free Coffee Friday and social catch ups, as with participating in Mudgee Running festival weekend.  I’m made such great friends here.  For Les’  “zero” Birthday, a group of Tribers went over to NZ and did a 26km Trail Run (as you do)  and had a mini holiday to celebrate his Birthday.  Now that’s pretty cool.

I’ve run a total of 10 marathons (6 since joining Tribe) and 34 half marathons and all the usual Sydney based events like the City 2 Surf and S2S.  The thing I now love about running is it can take you anywhere.  I’ve visited some incredible places and created some amazing memories.  I’ve participated in the New York Marathon, the London Marathon and the Auckland Marathon.  I’ve also completed the marathon in the Galapagos Islands and the Medoc Marathon (France) – this has by far been my favourite so far with wine, cheese and oysters at each of the drink stations (yep, it was tough).  My most recent marathon was last weekend in Queenstown.

For me, Tribe is a place to come to meet friends, socialise and keep fit and healthy along the way.

Robert, you’re such an inspiration.  At age 65, you’re a machine!